Navigating My Gynx’d Life

Navigating around My Gynx’d life is best through the following categories:

  1. Foodgasm – I’ve just bought a new auto immune recipe e-book that will help with my Hashi’s and I am really keen to test out all the recipes. I also love food – so there’s that too. img_8998
  2. Hashimoto’s – These posts are related to my thyroid condition, Hashimoto Thyroiditis. I’m a newbie – so this is me documenting my ups and downs as I learn more about how to live with this.
  3. Inspiration – Words, people and pictures that inspires me.
  4. Lifestyle – My lightbulb moments. My loves and my loathes. My awkward and amazing experiences.img_8974
  5. Photoplay – I dabble in amateur photography – some DSLR but mostly phone photography. Will share a pic of the week – when I remember to … (Brainfog – blame it on the Hashi’s)
  6. Slimpossible – My weightloss journey. Will probably be more loathes than loves. But we all have to start somewhere. img_8352
  7. Vino – Having previously worked for 2 different liquor companies, I really appreciate a good glass of wine, especially while visiting wine farms in my spare time.

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