So I guess you’re here because you want to know more about me…

I’m GlynGlynis who has been nicknamed Gynx (Glynis + Jinx) by friends who believe that I am the poster child when looking up the definition of Murphy’s Law.

Short version:  Ambivert. Amateur photographer. Hashimoto’s sufferer. Long-term romantic partner. Nature lover. Weekend wanderer. Foodie. Uncoordinated dancer. Beach bum. Wine Drinker. Bucket list goal-digger.

Long version:  As soon as I finished studying, I pursued gaining as much experience in my chosen field of HR. I’ve worked in various industries over the years, ranging from Media, Retail, Hospitality, Liquor and now Aquaculture, all who have given me such amazing behind the scenes insight into brands that I still love and use today. What can I say – I’m infinitely loyal.

I lived in Cape Town most of my life until my early twenties. Work took me to living in the Cederberg Mountains on a 5 star lodge for 3 years and I moved back to Cape Town to work in the winelands for 2 different liquor companies over a 5 year period.

Over the past year, mostly due to not wanting to do the long distance relationship thing AGAIN as it totally sucks – I decided to cheat on Cape Town and moved to the sleepy coastal town of Hermanus. I venture back at least once a month to connect with family and friends, go on a city adventure or just to remind myself what it is like to sit in traffic.

Why I started this blog: Having had a very sheltered childhood and being the responsible, shy, oldest child and a self-proclaimed nerd, I ended up an astute wallflower. Low self-confidence ended up with me not doing much, usually because I felt it was not within my reach or ability (eye roll) but also because I couldn’t afford to at the time. I’ve since been playing a bit of catch up on a journey of self discovery.

So this blog is my way to connect with the world and remind myself of who I am and what makes me uniquely me.  I’m still no social butterfly (waves) but my blog will cover a diverse range of topics of my personal journeys and things that interest me such as travel, health & fitness, photography, beauty, inspiration and encouragement for women.

I hope you enjoy the chronicles of my loves and loathes, with tales of my awkward and amazing experiences while I live My Gynx’d life.