When you are diagnosed with any chronic condition, then death tends to be more on the forefront of one’s mind.

So when you get physically sick, like I did this last week, then the first thought is that you are being punished for something… or dying… most likely a very slow death  – similar to what wives experience with their husbands when the men get a common cold. And then…


I didn’t die –  clearly… but I did get a bit of a wake up call where I realised that I needed to place more focus on my health.

My immune system is broke. So I need to fix it. Easier said than done.


My bullshit:

  1.  I self sabotage: As soon as I have some success of weight-loss , I celebrate it and its downhill from there. Completely dumb. I know. The worst thing is that I know what I’m doing when I do it.
  2. I didn’t want it enough before: I have never made myself a priority. Tomorrow is another day was usually my mantra. Well that “tomorrow” has now caught up with me.
  3. I’m not a team-player where my health is concerned:  I’ve entered a health challenge a few times before. Been on a team. I end up feeling what is the use about a week in. I’m gonna let them down anyway and (refer to Point number 1) I end up proving myself right. This is a journey I need to pursue by myself… for myself… but take motivation from others.
  4. I am lazy:  I know what to do, but I am too lazy to do it. (refer to Point number 2) I never had a plan before, but I also learn from past failures, so I know that is what I need to do differently including the fact that I never tracked anything before either. How do you measure success if you don’t track? Exactly.
  5. My goalposts for what I wanted to achieve were unrealistic. I didn’t always exercise or look after my diet but yet when I got on the scale… I expected the results to be spectacular and INSTANT.
  6. My focus was on weight-loss and not on overall health.


So…. Two choices is what I have.

Either, I stay this way and feel like crap for however many days I have left on this earth or I do something about it.

Ultimately, its really just only up to me. I can blame the universe or God or feel like I’m being punished for all my raucous sins during my varsity days, or I can call bullshit on this and start fresh with a new focus.

Shape up or ship out. But just decide already.


So I did. I called bullshit on my own bullshit.

Why? Well ultimately because I am just so sick and tired of being sick and tired.  My health was never a priority like I mentioned previously and well time waits for no man… or woman in this case. its a privilege to grow old. I know of too many people who have passed on through illness. Here i have the opportunity to live better, yet I don’t make use of it.

So I have decided to grab this with both hands and make my health a top priority for the next 365 days.

March 2016 to March 2017. (#March2March)

Woohoo. Now what?


Honestly, I don’t have it all figured out yet, but I do have a plan in mind, which I am currently finalising and putting into play this week,.

I will share with you as I go along actioning said plan.

In my dreams, its all good to go. In reality though, I think its overcoming the mental block and making the shift from a negative mindset  to a positive one which is the greatest obstacle to overcome, as far as I am concerned – case in point – I have already lost over 10 kilos this last year but when I look in the mirror, I still see that extra 10 kilos.

It’s telling the negative committee in my mind to sit the hell down and make way for the positive cheerleaders with their pom-poms.

I choose to focus on the positive and like the saying goes – a year from now, you will look back and wish you had started today. I AM starting today and already curious to reflect back on this post a year from now.

In any case, I look forward to sharing my journey with you – any advice or tidbits you have to share with me from your own journey, would be welcomed and appreciated. 🙂





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