Clicking that reset button…

I just deleted all my previous posts. It was an impulsive decision – not one I woke up with this morning.

Why? is what you are probably wondering… well, I guess they just weren’t relevant to who I am today anymore, and I saw a delete button.

Wish it was that easy in real life too, especially where my health is concerned after having been diagnosed with an auto immune condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – More on that later.

Unfortunately, the hard road ahead is all that awaits me on that one.

Reset buttons are easy to want to push in trivial things, but in life, if we actually had to have that option on big decisions –  would you reset and start again?

Whilst I have heard many the noble sentiment of people who say they would change nothing, as it means they would not be who they are today – I personally call bullsh*t on that sentiment. I think there are a few things in life that if you had the option of a do-over, you would take it.

In the real world however, its learning to live with that regret that builds our character and maybe even paves the way for our future decisions (dependent on the scale of regret). Some people either get bitter or get better.  My aim in life is to choose the latter.

A huge part of that was taking ownership of my own decisions. Its easier to blame others when things go wrong due to your decisions made but liberating when you own them. (sh*t happens)

Row your own boat.jpg

Regret has taught me what I don’t want to do – how I don’t want to live my life – who I don’t want to be – I’ve loved and been loved – I’ve caused hurt and been hurt.

With many wishful do-overs prayed for… the only answers I received was that of learning.

I guess while we don’t actively get the opportunity to push that reset button, we do however gratefully, get the opportunity to start over and do better tomorrow. 🙂

Tomorrow I’m starting over on my health journey. Again. For the hundredth time – Only this time I have learning’s taken from the 99 other times I failed – so lets hope this time its the success story. 🙂

Xoxo… Gynx.












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